Telemonitoring patients

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Telemonitoring patients

Telelink is an Authorized Distributor of Telemedicor UK, for the provision of a fully commercialized and innovative solution, which allows care givers, doctors and organizations in the health industry to monitor their diabetic patients remotely and intervene actively and efficiently to ensure their rehabilitation. It creates a secure, stable and caring environment that shields the patients constantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even in remote areas far away from specialized medical treatment.

The solution consists of :

  1. The Telemedicor modem which is connected to the majority of the blood glucose level meters in the market and is used to transfer the blood glucose measurements to the Telemedicor Guardian application 
  2. The Telemedicor Guardian application, which is an intelligent web-based software, receiving and keeping all the medical data and allowing the health care service providers to create a personalised remote patient monitoring environment.