Battery Testing and Remote Monitoring

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Battery Testing and Remote Monitoring

TELELINK provides via cooperation with Midtronics USA, a unique patented technology solution for testing and monitoring remotely the stationary battery infrastracture.

Facilitating the method of conductance, this solution enables the operators and the other companies who use business critical battery infrastructure to maintain their operations, to determine with accuracy the state of health and the power delivery of their batteries and to predict their end of life at least 6 months in prior.
The whole solution consists of 3 parts:

  1. CellGuard equipment, which is installed on the Core sites and is used to collect all necessary data from the battery infrastructure without human intervention (remote monitoring equipment)
  2. Celltron Testers, battery testers which are used by field engineers in remote sites where CellGuard equipment is not present
  3. CellTraQ application, is the central point where all data are collected (originated either from remote monitoring equipment or testers) and allow the simplification of the testing/monitoring process, the effective analysis of battery assets and the efficient process management including budget management of scheduled battery replacement


  1. Access & Enterprise Network solutions (
    -  3M Telecom Products for both Copper and Fiber Network
    -  See attached product line in our site for 3M.
    -  Closures, tapes, insulated materials, Splitter, MS2 Splicing equipment, crimping tools, Fiber Optics Connectors and Patchcords
    -  3M Manhole  Security Systems for FTTH
  2. Stationary Battery Infrastructure Management
    -  (Already implemented in Cosmote Romania and Pilot with MTN Cyprus).
  3. Remote Testing To Romtelecom 965 Exchanges and used on the copper network. Tollgrade of USA.(
  4. Identification of the lost copper cable pairs underground in cooperation with 3M
    (the project completed successfully in 2004 with great savings to Romtelecom)
    It is a continue need to search for the lost copper pairs/cables underground.
  5. Routers & CPE’s of Topex. Topex can Justify Local  production, Just in Time. (
    Deliveries and 7x24 services and  maintenance operations.
  6. Any metal accessories for the Telecom / Power networks including
    -  Metal Poles
    -  Indoor and Outdoor Distribution frames and Cabinets 
  7. GPON Splitters of LG. We offer immediately stocks and services
  8. Copper and Fiber Optic Cables, Including FTTH installations for Land and Submarine
  9. T&M Equipment as well as RFTS (Remote Fiber Testing System)
    -  Sumitomo F.O splicers.
    -  Yokogawa – OTDR’s (including PON OTDR’s for FTTH networks test) and other
    -  NTest (RFTS – Remote Fiber Test Equipment)
    -  Digital Lightwave: 10GBEth and 40 GBeth test equipment – already sold to Cosmote.
    -  Bird Technologies: RF Power Meters, Site Analizers, Spectrum analyzers;
    -  Aeroflex: RF 3G test equipment, Spectrum Analyzers (LTE Test equipment for future LTE) etc...
    -  Cellco Communications: FO connectors, CWDM, DWDM Mux/Demux equipment
    -  Telecommunication Tower Lightening Protection system
    -  Low Voltage Battery Sensor-Indicator DIRA
    -  Warning Light’s protection and Monitoring Systems  (including for airports)
  11. PNE Systems/ Green Power & Energy Systems provider. Includes Automotive (
    -  Power Charger ( Hybrid Type EV ChadeMO Charger) 
    -  Green Energy Systems Provider PNE Solutions
  12. Heat Shrinkable Materials co Ltd (
    -  FOSC Closures
    -  Heat shrink heavy wall tubes 
    -  Shrinkable Repair Sleeves 
    -  Heat Shrinkable Tubes Catalogues 2014
    -  Outdoor Fiber Optic Cables
  13. Seveney Technology & Security