Support Hotline:

      +40 314 129 138
      +40 727 353 299


Telelink in cooperation with Teleasistenta offers the first private national TELECARE service for emergency situations. It consists of alerting our Call Center by activating the SOS button on the wireless bracelet connected to a mobile device.

This service is dedicated to elderly single people, handicapped, chronically-ill, convalescents, social cases, children who require homecare and other vulnerable categories, and it serves in cases of crisis, accidents, panic attacks, heart attacks, strokes (CVA), falls and other dangerous situations that might occur, rendering people incapacitated and/or in the impossibility of asking for help.

In 5 seconds from initiating the alert, the Call Center is notified via SMS, and is prepared to the incoming emergency call. In 15 seconds from the alert, the “hands-free” call reaches the Call Center and is answered by a live operator. We act in seconds, according to specific emergency protocols pre-established for each and every beneficiary. In less than a minute    we are able to call the Emergency National Number 112 and offer complete and utterly relevant information on the emergency situation, especially in cases where the beneficiary is incapacitated and cannot communicate verbally.

The differences between a regular call to 112 made by one of our beneficiaries are: 1. We provide exact details on the patient’s medical condition. 2. We provide correct and up-to-date information on patient’s medical history. 3. We are able to provide specifics about current medication. 4. We can guide rescuers with great accuracy to the exact address and location of our beneficiary. 5. Any call from us to 112 gets priority and is instantly validated as a “real emergency” as opposed to a call that requires “triage” and validation. All these essential information provided to the emergency call-center enhance the degree of success of any emergency intervention triggered by our monitoring service.

The safety of our beneficiaries is paramount – we have in place a redundant reactive system with SOS text messages sent to 5 different operators and the “hands-free” call is placed in a “cascade” system with 100% guarantee that an actual operator will pick it up, live, 24/7/365, during the first minute from the actual alert.

In the countries where TELECARE has been active for about 20 years (USA, Israel, U.K., Australia, Germany, France), statistics show that remote monitoring for emergency situations has greatly improved emergency interventions and has increased elderly people’s living standards.

An additional advantage that cannot be quantified is the families’ state-of-mind. Thanks to the latest communication technology, their dear ones can remain in their homes, safe and with dignity, while being well taken care of, monitored by a specialized service with empathy and professionalism.